Real Estate Software India

Real Estate Software India

The world is continuously undergoing massive change as we speak. It has become quite eminent that the real estate industry needs to be digitalized. Fillip software offers you one of the best real estate software, enabled with sales and marketing automation integrated with the convenience of having it on your smartphone both for the builders and the property buyer as well.

Fillip Software CRM has the capability to completely transform your existing process that your sales team used to follow including every step like organizing & scheduling, streamline & lead development, follow-ups. We have a greatly knowledgeable team of developers working by our side who have created one of the best real estate software in India which eliminates every manual work that was required to be done in order to record and manage data of the clients, customers, vendors, partners, etc.

This meticulous design is a technological marvel in the real estate software development world. The software plays a prominent role in assisting your real estate company in managing the brokers and agents, finding new leads, tracking them. It has proven to save time, money, energy, and the resources put together to manage the real estate company in India manually.

Marketing and advertising become extremely convenient through one of the best real estate software in India as it provides easy custom-based email and SMS marketing. You can target the specific market with just a click which means it is a complete online CRM solution for all sizes of real estate business.

Popular features of Real State CRM Software

  • Have property details added
  • Know property stock
  • Observe salesperson wise targets
  • Keep track of the site visits
  • Forecasts sales
  • Follow up leads
  • Prioritize important leads
  • Positively influence sales performance
  • Payment reminders
  • Marketing through emails and SMS
  • Take better business decisions with real-time information
  • Browser friendly
  • Powerful dashboard

Every industry needs to keep up with the pace of this technologically growing age in order to better serve its customers. With Fillip Software you not only can reach a high customer base but also provide a trustworthy and transparent environment. Real estate CRM software bridges every gap there is between builders and their customers with utter efficiency.

Our team of highly skilled developers has crafted this self-sufficient app with the intention to simplify every step of the process for both customers and developers. The real estate builders are empowered with the feature to manage and track the property purchased, payment schedules, unit information, payment receipts, documents, account statement, the progress of the construction, and a lot more. Needless to say that with an app like this, the manual work reduces significantly making the business function more efficiently.

Specialized CRM for Real Estate Industry

  • Real Estate investors
  • Real Estate agents
  • Real Estate builders
  • Real Estate brokers
  • Real Estate developers
  • Real Estate Construction Company
  • Real Estate financing companies
  • Real Estate marketing companies
  • Real Estate material suppliers
  • Real Estate retailers
  • Residential Real Estate builders
  • Project management consultants
  • Project management consultants

Fillip Software brings you a centralized platform that is compatible with both web and smartphones. It renders you with the best services you can ask for including efficient collaboration, sales management, campaign management, customer intelligence, customer insight, and a lot more making it one of the best real estate CRM software in India.

The workflow automation of your business through real estate CRM software evidently improves sales outcomes through its intelligent reporting and proficient follow-ups. We are here to assist you with every corporate requirement and enhance your overall business and marketing experience.

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