Online Appointment Software

Online Appointment Software

Flawless scheduling of patients is one of the important aspects for a doctor or healthcare industry. No patient wants to go to the doctor with terrible pain and face the question, "Do you have an appointment?"Well, this problem can be resolved with the help of appointment booking software. If you are also a doctor and searching for reliable doctor scheduling software, you are at the right place.

Whether you are an individual doctor or practitioner or chain of clinics, our appointment booking software will help you optimize your workflows, administration, billing so that you can focus on your patients. As compared to other doctor appointment scheduling software, our software is designed by keeping the needs of doctors and healthcare in mind which makes it the best possible appointment solution.

Simplify Appointment Process with Doctor Booking App

While creating this appointment booking software, our top priority was to keep the things simple that makes doctors or healthcare clinic more efficient as well as profitable. Our software developers have created this appointment booking app by doing a lot of research so that the software remains simple and user-friendly for the patients. The simple user interface and workflows of this software avoid frustration, prevent errors, and save time. The nature of a healthcare profession needs detailed reporting, acute scrutiny, and security. This scheduling software has all these features which allow a doctor or healthcare professional to dedicate most of the time to the care of patients.

This appointment booking software by Fillip Technologies reduces the need for administrative work and time through automated processes which result in productivity. Like other booking or scheduling software, this application doesn't force you to change the way of your work. Instead of that, reduce time and let your patient's book appointments, make payment, and do many more things in a single click.

Stay Updated with Appointment booking software

This doctor appointment scheduling software gives instant notification whenever a patient book, rescheduled and cancels an appointment. In simple words, this scheduling app empowers your patients to book appointments at any time which reduces the hectic call process and allows you to give more time to inpatient care. Here are some key features of this appointment application:

Confirms booking at 24x7

Patients can easily book doctor appointments 24x7 from anywhere. The software displays doctor or clinic availability online and receives real-time booking confirmations.

Multiple online payment options

The appointment booking software allows your patients to pay online using multiple payment options. They can make payments through card payment, UPI, online banking, etc.

Follow-ups schedule easily

Provides a complete treatment plan for your patients. You can book the recurring appointments in advance to monitor the progress whenever required.

Book an appointment in advance

Many clinics have multiple doctors and it is not easy to get their appointment. This app provides vacant time for doctors so that patients can book appointments or virtual meetings in advance.

Gives reminder for booking

This doctor booking application sends or email reminders to patients so that they can attend the fixed appointment and keep the time slot free for others.

View schedule anytime-anywhere

Stay updated with every schedule or appointment when you are away from your clinic or hospital. It will give you instant notification even you are on the go.

Schedule COVID Testing and Vaccination

In this COVID pandemic situation, this appointment booking software can play a major role for doctors, clinics, and health organizations. This software can be used to schedule appointments for the COVID tests which is a good step to avoid gathering due to which this disease spreads. Not only this but this appointment software can also be used to book appointments for COVID vaccination which helps in maintain fewer people at the vaccination center.

The best part of this appointment booking software is it increases patient satisfaction by reducing waiting time and automating the waiting list. If you are running a clinic or healthcare organization, this appointment scheduling software will manage all the records and reduce the effort of the administrative documentation and work. So, what are you waiting for, contact us today and get a free demo of this appointment booking software.

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