Asset Management Software in India

Asset Management Software in India

Asset management is a must for any business. With the help of asset management software, all the members of the company will know which assets are available for usage in order to maximize profitability. Fixed and current assets are the two types of assets controlled by any company. Assets acquired for long-term usage are known as fixed or non-current assets, whereas current assets can be turned into cash in a short period of time. Asset Management Software in India was created with the goal of ensuring high availability and low operational costs while managing assets with minimal effort.

What are the features of our asset management software?

The software provided by our company Fillip Technologies can fulfill all your asset management requirements. We can apply your favorite tools more effectively, quickly, and efficiently. We combine strong tool implementation capabilities with extensive licensing expertise. The features of our software are as follows:

  • SAM(Software Asset Management) Specialists: We keep an agnostic stance so that we can provide the best choices for you depending on your specific requirements.
  • Services that are managed: Our professional managed services teams deliver every time, from complementing an internal staff to wholesale outsourcing.
  • Configuration: The majority of license management technologies fall short of expectations due to improper configuration. We can help you save time and money by setting up your tools correctly.
  • Onboarding and Reconciliation of Publishers: Don't expect your SAM Tool to reconcile your key publishers on its own. Our onboarding teams have the significant publisher-specific licensing experience to ensure that all of your purchases, entitlements, licenses, metrics, evidence and titles are correctly mapped, loaded, and reported.
  • Implementation & Installation: We don't simply install bits, set up servers, or distribute agents. We ensure your technology infrastructure is built to scale from the beginning. We also ensure that your data strategy and design are optimized for maximal integrity and performance.

To effectively manage your technology lifecycle, use SAM tools: Your employees can focus on more strategic concerns, such as growing the business, with a single solution to track, analyze, and manage assets. Make the most of SAM tool providers by utilizing our IT asset management software services.

We'll assist with the implementation, management, and maintenance of an asset management solution to:

  • Capture the right information from your surroundings.
  • Keep your teams informed with regular updates.
  • Allow more time and resources to be spent on outcomes.

Compliance Help: Discover position exposures and shelf-ware by taking a holistic look at your portfolio. We'll gather crucial information from your environment to create a collaborative, proactive, and strategic solution to lowering costs and reducing risks. Our consumption and budget reports can help you figure out if you're overpaying for licenses, you don't need or if you're in danger of breaking a contract.

Management of the software estate: You can focus on digital transformation, free up your budget and resources from "business as usual" IT requirements. You'll have the right data to make informed decisions with our continual performance improvement assessments, diagnosis, and scorecards.

We'll help you get the most out of your software investments by:

  • Exposing risks
  • Identifying trends
  • Highlighting possibilities

Controlling licenses in a seamless manner: Without knowing where and how each license is placed and used, the budget can be squandered due to over-or under-utilized licenses and entitlement gaps. We'll look after your environment so you can keep expenses down and get the most out of your licenses.

We'll do the following throughout your entire portfolio:

  • Employee licenses should be reassigned
  • Make use of unused licenses
  • Keep an eye on how much software is being used
  • Reduce your reliance on IT

Management of cloud and SaaS services: Take a proactive approach to budget and include flexibility in your plans. Budget surprises can be avoided by continuously monitoring and trending your cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) costs. You'll get regular usage and spending statistics to help you optimize your cloud and SaaS assets consumption and licensing.

Audits provide assurance: Audits can easily result in unexpected expenses and fines. To control scope and impact, our experts will provide hands-on coaching at every level.

Getting prepared: We'll gather information on your behalf to reduces risk and meet audit requirements.
Guidance: While responding to publisher audit demands, our experienced counsel can help you stay in control.
Strategy: We'll strengthen your negotiating technique so you don't have to pay high settlement fees.

Contract negotiations aren't enough for effective software lifecycle management. Each publisher, product, and agreement have its own set of complicated regulations and processes. To ensure compliance and minimizes piraling costs, you'll require committed resources. Our asset and inventory management services can assist you. You can get benefitted from using our software for the best results.

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