Pathology Management Software

Pathology Management Software

Pathology management software brings you the most efficient, accurate, rapid reporting and EMR software. It is completely integrated Web-based pathology management software which manages each and every activity involved in the functioning of a pathology center.

We have developed Pathology Lab Management System, especially for labs to manage Patients' information, appointment, lab request,s and lab results with the report. It offers reduced costs, improved efficiency, and increase profits with transparency and flexibility. Fillip ERP has developed pathology management software that has an integrated feature of coordinating all the activities involved in the Pathology lab and keeping it in sync.

The increasing population has had an adverse effect on every possible resource, Laboratories are getting crowded and it’s becoming continuously difficult to manage billing, reports, and prescriptions. To avoid this consumption of time and focus on enabling efficient operating of labs and providing quality work time, it has become quite necessary to have pathology management software.

Fillip ERP has developed pathology management software that suits your brand's recent requirements and is ready for your future requirements. The easy software installation that we provide has been proved to transform the whole healthcare sector with our digital age approach.

Some useful features of Pathology management software are:

  • Booking of patients test
  • The admin of the pathology software can manage, approve and reject test bookings
  • The patient will be notified through email or SMS after the confirmation of the booking.
  • The invoice can be generated according to the tests
  • The reports can be entered after the test
  • The results of the tests are downloadable
  • Reports can be sent directly through email and SMS.
  • Maintains patient history and can generate a complete report
  • User friendly and the data is absolutely secure
  • Easily accessible and affordable
  • Suitable for every size of the diagnostic center and pathology laboratories

What makes our pathology management software different?

Fillip pathology management software is tailored with all the technicalities on the table leading it to be one of the best pathology management software in India for its great understanding of technical, clinical, and operational requirements.

Keep accurate records avoiding confusing paperwork including all patients’ data, important information, billing records, inventory records, etc. The software is well capable of delivering better productivity for the functions of laboratories thus making the workflow smart and smooth, improves the quality of management, and makes it convenient to monitor every aspect.

The pathology management software maintains a record of every patient’s tests that a doctor or health care expert recommends. It’s completely user-friendly software with extremely affordable modules giving you full control of your laboratory digitally. This not only enhances the privacy and the accuracy of the tests and reports but also allows clear interpretation after the tests.

Every sector is growing technologically and advancing towards the future and growth. The pathology management software will do the same for your laboratory or diagnostic center of any sort. The concept behind developing the fillip pathology management software was to straight away enhance productivity, increase the efficiency of every action, thus contributing towards faster growth.

Digitalizing your laboratory will surely prove to be a revolutionary step towards achieving a better expansion of your business and at the same time unburdening your shoulders with numerous responsibilities.

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