Diagnostics Management Software

Diagnostics Management Software

Fillip software offers a global level fully functional management platform for every segment of healthcare. The main focus of Diagnostic management software is to enhance productivity without burdening the financial department.

The growth of your diagnostic center can be raised real quickly as our diagnostic management software assists you reach your full potential in every aspect including human capital, investment tracing, and productivity accountability, digital image, and most importantly increased customer satisfaction.

Diagnostic management software is completely automated to suit every sector of the medical industry. The analytics of every action taken is completely transparent hence providing better reports on what steps reap more profit. It provides real-time visibility of every operational step. By adopting the digital method of management you reduce expenditure, faster operating, reduction in unnecessary time-consuming tasks which means more time from the productive ones.

Fillip software offers you completely user-friendly diagnostic management software that is compatibles with LAN which makes the automation of the doctor referral process eminently convenient. With the assistance of one of the best diagnostic management software in India, the productivity of the human force could be transferred from managerial and administrative areas to more customer-centric areas that will directly impact the customer and eventually benefit your enterprise.

Features of diagnostic management software in India:

  • Automated web-based solution
  • Keep in sync every function & facility
  • Manages appointment and home collection
  • Multi-user and multi-branch engineering
  • Interfaced with diagnostic machines
  • Assesses and analyze referring doctor’s reports
  • The reports are downloadable
  • Automated communication
  • Online payment with convenience
  • Generate comparative patient reports

Fillip software offers you a complete package of rapid processing modules integrated into one software that automates every operation of your enterprise seamlessly and quickly. The patient’s samples management to auto-generating result reports every step is automated. Easy customization and tailored workflow acts as a catalyst to your business growth plan and provide a quality patient experience at the same time.

The advantages of having diagnostic software management are quite evident but to name a few in particular. They are:

  • Quicker functioning on every step
  • Better & faster results as it rectifies any potential errors
  • High ROI and lower expense in the long run
  • Improves the diagnosing efficiency
  • Downloadable reports anytime anywhere
  • Reduces manual work
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Enhance the brand image
  • Increase customer return rate

Easy customization of Fillip diagnostic management software according to your enterprise needs and future requirements makes it the best option for any sort of diagnostic center.

Digital payment gateway integration makes the payment process hassle-free and at the convenience of the patient. The patients can check their reports online after clearing their dues; they can even collect them physically if it pleases them.

Automate efficient communication among the departments of your enterprise, thus avoiding any chance of confusion and mismanagement. Patients are kept informed about their reports, booking date and time, payment is done through SMS.

Standardizes your operations and speed of your workflow to a better height hence improved productivity.

Fillip software gives an improved vision to your enterprise. The diagnostic management software addresses and rectifies any existing problems and provides better efficiency in the overall output results.

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