Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management software

Pharmacy management software offered by Fillip Technologies gives you the power to handle your complete business solution. It is the best pharmacy software in India with functions including mobile accessibility, sales automation and promotes increased in productivity and sales performance.

Pharmacy business has steep competition due to which pharmacy management software becomes necessity to give you an edge over your competition. As the world population is living longer, use of medication and health product is increasing rapidly to maintain a healthy life. Globally the pharmaceutical worth is in billions per year and dramatically increasing which clearly states that your pharmacy needs to be ready for the future leap.

Features that fillip pharmacy management software offers:

  • Maintains prescription records
  • Stock management
  • Expiry management
  • Rack management of stocks
  • Re order management
  • Substitute availability
  • Digital payment collection
  • Drug helpline

Pharmacies are not only expected to handle prescribed drugs according to legislation, calculation of prices according to the patient’s different insurance scheme but also expected to provide with expert advice to your customers, which becomes quite easy with our pharmacy management software in India. The margins on pharmaceutical keep shrinking with time which makes it quite difficult to run a successful business that is why the pharmacies have to keep adding retail items alongside the medications.

This very much increase the burden on inventory management and keeping in track the reordering of these products increasing your efforts and struggle which can be minimized through pharmacy management software.

Key benefits of using fillip ERP pharmacy management software:

  • Enable manager in making critical decision by real time insight.
  • Builds a strong highly engaged team
  • Facilitates coordination among the various tasks
  • Gain global visibility
  • Recognizes expired items at the time of billing.
  • Systematic sales based on FIFO and LIFO method.
  • Maintain separate folders according to the compositions.
  • Access to patient’s medical history
  • Follow-ups according to customer’s shopping pattern.
  • Barcode labels to ease the billing process.

With fillip pharmacy management software your whole pharmacy operation functions smoothly by taking an account to the simplifying of extensive range of activities into flexible easy to use clicks. By incorporating our pharmacy management software you can achieve the most out of your investment and efforts through our unique and advanced features.

If you are looking to improve your customer engagement and get an edge over your competition then you are in the right place. We have some of the most advanced features including scheduling of follow-up, setting reminders, update customer preferences regularly according to their order history, improves the approach of sales and amplify your reach altogether.

Managing the customers may it be new or returning customers is now effortless with our pharmacy management software. The details can be accessed just by entering a distinctive detail which includes invoice number, customer name, production name, return date, customer mobile number etc.

The software has the best data security standards which mean your data will never be lost and with our security encryption standards your data will remain protected. We make sure that the pharmacy management software is affordable as we believe deep insights do not require burning a hole in your pocket. This Pharmacy software will surely revolutionize your whole management approach for medicine and related goods.

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