Petrol Pump Software In India

Petrol Pump Software In India

At Fillip software, we believe in the digital transformation of the business which provides a complete digital solution for every size of a petrol pump in India. It provides management over the complete accounting inventory of your petrol pump and is quite beneficial for the distributors too which makes it one of the best petrol pump software in India. Fillip software petrol pump software for accounting has almost every function required to handle a petrol pump.

The petrol pump management system includes functions like meter reading, credit sales, density, DIP stock v/s actual stock, lubricant sales, and a lot more. It is a GST-ready petrol pumps management system that has the capability to access data and construct reports and calculations abiding by the GST norms.

The software has been developed with the competence to handle multiple companies at the same time efficiently. Fillip software has the best online petrol pump management system in India which aims to help you manage your petrol pump quite efficiently which is accessible in almost every browser and screen size.

Salient Features of Fillip software petrol pump management software

  • Fully secured dedicated server
  • Analytical data reports
  • Secured from hard disk & power failure and viruses attack
  • Stock management to manage the inflow & outflow of stock
  • Sales and purchase management
  • All GST reports available
  • Complete control on sales
  • Employee attendance management
  • Secured from virus attack
  • Entry of every transaction

In this modern era, the dependency on technology has given us some crucial opportunities to encourage our growth. Our aim is to provide software that allows full control over all the operations that take place in your business. We have a unique approach which manages your petrol pumps/bunks efficiently and saves you time to concentrate on more important aspects of the business.

The modules we offer at Fillip petrol pump management software India

Stock maintenance

  • Opening and closing stock tank wise
  • Opening and closing stock pump wise
  • Opening and closing stock item wise
  • Stock valuation tank wise
  • Daily monitoring of stock variation

Sale & purchase maintenance

  • Pump nozzle opening and closing readings
  • Item-wise sales report
  • Cash & credit inflow and outflow
  • Card and cash sales
  • Categorically and altogether profit and loss reports
  • Daily purchase reports
  • Sales tracking
  • Date wise nozzle meter sale
  • Sales history per item

Employee Management

  • Employee attendance
  • Product sale record individually
  • Nozzle wise employee sale report
  • Incentive management
  • Sale and expenses management
  • Credit sale and cash sale report per employee
  • Product sales and maintenance per employee

Dashboard management

  • Employee work and attendance report
  • Reports per transaction
  • Reports per product
  • Daily tracking of variation rate
  • Evaluation of profit and loss
  • Tank wise stock report
  • Dumped and available stock report
  • Expenses report

Fillip petrol pump management software is complemented with both general and genius features which gives you a precise outlook of your business’s growth. There isn’t a single petrol pump that can’t be managed by this petrol pump management software as we have implemented multiple modules incompetence to a different type of petrol pump that functions in India.

Complete automation of the whole management process has its own perks which make every step that was handled manually gets automatic which benefits multiple departments which makes it the best petrol pump management software in India.

The petrol pump accounting software has some of the most precisely created modules which make it the best of its kind. The customization is provided by our developers in accordance with the requirements and specific needs of the clients. The customized features include meter reading with precision, petrol evaporation loss tests, sales reports, and the general areas that were managed manually before

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