Institute Management Software

Institute Management Software

Institute Management Software is a web-based application that helps you manage your institute's management functions.The online institute management system software is created to automate the management process of student admission to examination management, from college course administration to schedule management, from human resource employment to salary management, and many other features. Institute management system software is designed to provide a powerful and integrated Institute Management System for all basic and significant day-to-day operations.

Fillip Technologies provide an online institute management software that can handle Enquiry Details, Payment Details, Student Details, Faculty Details, Accounts Details, Student Fees Details, and so on with great efficiency and ease of use. It also generates a complete and comprehensive report that you can use to manage your institute as you need it.

Key features of our online institute management system software:

Branch management:

Management of several branches and franchises.

Customize your institution:

The days of each faculty member manually entering their information into the attendance record are outdated. There is no need for a PC, network, or port in today's wireless biometric system. The system is wireless and does not require any location-specific hardware.

Management of inquiries:

Inquiry from Students, importing customer information and assigning an inquiry to a counselor. It also reminds you to follow up on your inquiry.

Management of students:

Registration of students. Attendance is tracked through biometrics and this software also allows you to create reports and combine them all under one category. Viewing reports allows you to have an improved overview of your institute and make smarter choices. You will get Notifications, a record of Attendance, and the outcome of the test. Submission of an assignment and its outcome can also be checked.

Management of payments:

We built a feature for making payments when going to a digitally rich setting to impart education. This functionality will allow parents to make payments on the move while also allowing management to keep track of all transactions from remote.

Staff Management:

Staff attendance is tracked via biometrics, wages and leaves are managed under this feature.

Security and User Management:

It provides login security for users, permissions and roles for users, login security for users, security based on IP, security based on time slots, and data Protection.

Statistical Reports:

Follow-up on the inquiry Statistical Reports, attendance, payments, expenses, and accounting.

Expense management for utilities:

It manages the library and reports on daily activities.

What makes our software different?

The Institute Management System is accurate and dependable, and it can be accessed through the internet with ease. It is a browser-based Institute management system that incorporates a virtual campus that can be linked to the Institute portal and provides robust online access to bring parents, teachers, and students together on a single interactive platform.

The services that our company provides are as follows:

  • Based on the internet: Multiple firewalls are used to secure servers. Strong connectivity in the backbone.
  • 24x7 availability: Role-based and IP-based restrictions. Using a PC or a mobile device, you can access the ERP from anywhere on the internet.
  • Easy to use: In less than a week, you can develop a command using our coaching class management software.
  • Immediate assistance: Support is available immediately by phone, email, and remote conferences. There is a lot of material and a video guide available.
  • Versatile: There are no extra expenditures for customization. Customer involvement and feedback are extremely important to us.
  • Proven and smart: Our client’s collective intelligence assisted us in developing the most effective software.
  • Encryption with SSL: Data is protected using encryption technology, which encrypts and decrypts data and files.
  • Pre-Configuration: With a few mouse clicks, the software can be combined with your own website forms and email leads.

Good management leads to higher productivity and as a result, more development. Fillip Technology provides the best-featured institute management system software, after observing its demands and benefits. It assists the institute in meeting its goals, reducing workload, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and tracking progress.

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